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"Snowed In Love With You" Signed Paperback

Signed copy of the Christmas standalone SNOWED IN LOVE WITH YOU.


Thandie Porter's life was nothing short of a fairytale. She had the perfect career, the perfect husband, and the perfect friends. But when her supposedly perfect husband Dwight drops a bomb that threatens the life they've built together, Thandie is dumbfounded. Realizing the only option is divorce, the two part ways, and things couldn't have happened at a worse time than Christmas. Now, having lost part of the wonderful life she once lived, Thandie wants nothing to do with Christmas or any celebrations of it. But when her friend convinces her to come out to the Cherry Oak Bay cabins, Thandie finds herself trapped with a handsome gangster, making her realize that getting in the Christmas spirit will be the least of her worries.

Hezekiah Dade has lived the life most aspiring drug dealers and kingpins wish for. He's indulged in money, women, and plenty of luxuries. But now, at the age of forty-one, he's retired and moved back home to the small town of Cherry Oak Bay. When his longtime fiancee and her father begin to put pressure on him to set a wedding date, Hezekiah panics, needing a quick escape to decide if he can love her or leave her. He finds that escape in the Cherry Oak Bay cabins while snowed in with the beautiful but grumpy Thandie.

Will sparks fly between these two passionate but intense individuals? And if so, can they prove the romance is real, or will they find that their snowed-in romance was only meant to be short-lived?
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