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"My Baby Is a West Coast King" 1-4 Signed Paperbacks

Signed paperbacks of the series MY BABY IS A WEST COAST KING.


Laine Loren is an aspiring model, hoping to somehow make it out of Southside Chicago, and away from her predator uncle and cheating boyfriend Tarik. When she gets the chance to move away to Los Angeles, she hops on it and doesn't look back. Laine's plans to focus only on her career and nothing else, are suddenly thrown to the wind when she meets the dangerous and unbalanced Mischief.

Mischief, a music producing banger from Compton, only cares about three things; music, his money, and his brothers. Having to be raised by his aunt, because he was born to unfit parents, he's callous, rude, frank, and downright out of his mind. Upon meeting Laine, Mischief finds himself interested in the tough beauty, while trying to still maintain the life he has lived from day one.

   With secrets, lies, and betrayal laced through each page, this budding love story between the Chicago beauty and the Compton terrorizer is sure to keep you on your toes.


Laine was shocked to learn that not only had Mischief been unfaithful, but that he'd possibly fathered a child by the last person he should have ever been in bed with. Feeling like maybe she moved way too fast with him, Laine decides to free herself and have a little fun, hoping it will alleviate the heartbreak she'd just endured. What she must remember though, is that the sexy, brash, and downright crazy Mischief isn't too keen on being apart from her, and refuses take no for an answer.

Dealing with trying to get his woman back, his career, and the rumors of a baby surrounding him, Mischief begins to struggle with some childhood memories again, forcing out a deep revelation. Along with Mischief and Laine, the other couples are also compelled to face the secrets they've kept, heartbreaking news, and brewing temptations that are finally coming to a boil.

Will the secrets and lies tear this gang apart? Or will they find some way to persevere?



Who has more secrets than the Benjamin family? That's the question everyone is wondering, since it seems at every corner, there is something new and explosive popping up.

In the third installment, more revelations come to life, and unbearable truths are faced. Will the couples be able to make it out once and for all? Or will their actions prove to be too detrimental this time around?



This book contains "My Baby Is a West Coast King Valentine's Day" short story, and then "My Baby Is a West Coast King IV".

The couples are back, and although their relationships are stronger and more legal than before, trouble somehow found a way to seep through the cracks. Being famous has it perks but it also has it's drawbacks, and the couples learn this the hard way. Will they be able to prove they can withstand anything? Or will outside forces of fame, temptation, old enemies, and psycho fans break them apart?
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