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"Hood Boyz Fall In Love Too" 1-3 Signed Paperbacks

Signed paperbacks of the series "Hood Boyz Fall In Love Too" 1-3 by Shvonne Latrice. 

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Owen Santiago hasn't been dealt the greatest hand in life, with one tragic event in particular changing her for seemingly forever. Not willing to let the hardships drag her down, she presses forward, making herself happy the best way she knows how and by any means necessary. Owen is perfectly happy, or so she thinks, and believes the last thing she needs is a man; especially one as masculine, handsome, bold, yet undeniably sweet as Conquer. But what she soon realizes is there is a vast difference between men and little boys.
Conquer, a very important man in the city of Las Vegas, isn't your typical street thug. Being taught since birth that the mafia was always number one, Conquer has a callous, no-nonsense personality. With his smooth ways, intelligence, slightly rude demeanor, and sexy smile, he's irresistible to just about every woman that crosses his path; even ones like... Owen. When the handsome charmer and emotionally scarred beauty meet, the chemistry is immediate and intense, with both parties becoming like a drug to one another. Unfortunately, they both have factors within their lives that make a union seem not only impossible but highly unlikely.
Will Owen fall victim to Conquer's spell, despite him not being her type in more ways than one? And will Conquer be willing to go against the grain just to have Owen, or will they both realize that love only suits... 'normal' people. This hood romance is laced with heartbreak, tragedy, lust, and betrayal, but most of all a raw and unexpected love
In the previous installment, Owen was faced with her haunting past, and with nowhere to run. Having let her guard down due to being with the handsome and protective Conquer, will she be able to get away unlike the last time? Or will the perpetrator strike again, ruining the progress Owen has made personally and romantically? If so, Owen will quickly realize that Conquer loves very hard, is extremely zealous when it comes to his La Bella.

Now that Conquer has decided to go against the grain and make Owen his official girl, he is forced to deal with the many people that don't agree, and the not so squeaky clean past of his newfound love. To add insult to injury, enemies are still lurking within and outside of The Coterie, waiting on the right time to take the young and sharp-witted capo out. Will Conquer and Owen be able to stick together despite everything attempting to pull them apart? Or will the couple become defeated, realizing that their union was not only troubled from the start, but will continue to be taxing to the very end.
Long Live The Capo.
In the final installment, outsiders will give it one last whirl to attempt to break up the unbreakable Owen and Conquer. From fake pregnancies to jealous family members, no stone will be left unturned when trying to rip this couple a part. Not to mention, the young, handsome, intelligent, and extremely envied capo, has daggers being his shot his way constantly, prompting Owen to become leery of what she's signed up for. Will the couple make it in love and out of all the drama alive? Or will people finally yank them a part by any means necessary, giving seemingly the world what it ultimately wants?
Take this last ride with Owen and Conquer, two people with a bond and love so strong, that some covet it, some loathe it, and others can't comprehend it. Long Live The Capo.
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