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"Falling for a Hood King" 1-4 Signed Paperbacks

Signed Paperbacks of the series "FALLING FOR A HOOD KING" 1-4.



Semi-sweet Natalia Thomas, feels she knows everything there is to know about life. Living with a mother who forces her to support herself, and to call her by her first name, Natalia believes she had to become an adult fast, and therefore is one. She thinks she has everything figured out, until she meets the sexy, heartless, crazy, OLDER, and ambitious Julius Tate.

Julius cares more about making money than the many hearts he breaks. Naive Natalia falls for him anyway, despite his many other attachments. She can't seem figure out why she is so head over heels for a man who seems to only temporarily care about her. Little does she know, Julius loves her just as much, but his childhood, pride, and ego, keeps him from doing right by any woman that crosses his path. Natalia soon realizes that she may know everything else, but nothing about love. In her eyes, and even some others, Julius can do no wrong.

Take a ride with Natalia and Julius, as they try to make sense of such a toxic love affair. Will Julius accept that he's in love with Natalia? Or will he push his feelings to the side and force her away by any means necessary.


When Julius realizes Natalia missed her flight, he's overwhelmed with constant thoughts of the unthinkable. Always one who lived by the motto "money over bitches", Julius isn't used to caring about a woman as much as he cares for Natalia. Willing to do anything to find her, Julius is knocking down any and everyone in his way. But little does he know, the people he and Natalia least expected, are involved in her disappearance.

In the past, Julius was the only obstacle in their relationship, but now that he's trying to turn over a new leaf, it seems that everyone and everything else is attempting to interfere. Is the love Julius and Natalia have for one another strong enough to fight off the turmoil threatening their relationship? Or will their union continue to be one-sided, ultimately crumbling in the end?



With Julius behind bars, Natalia is expected to hold her husband down. She is more than willing to stick by her man, but there is only one problem that she cant seem to get rid of - Marlon. He will do anything to claim Natalia as his woman, and she isn't quite pushing him away like she should.

Julius is trying to do right by his wife for the first time in a long time, and can't seem to understand why she won't allow him to do so. Juggling marriage, outside relationships, and new found enemies, prove to be very difficult for this young married couple, but can they prove that their love is strong enough to pull them through? Or will their relationship finally end, like the people around them have wanted it to all along?


The person who walked through that door is proving to be bad news for Natalia, resulting in her having to make a very hard decision.

To add insult to injury, new problems arise for she and Julius, testing their relationship and possibly their income. Can the couple make it through another war and come out together? Or will this union that was doomed from the start, finally come crashing down?

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