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"Deeply In Love With the Illest" 1-2 Signed Paperbacks

SIGNED copies of the series "Deeply In Love with the Illest" parts 1 &2. Comes with gift.

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Halo Stevenson is a twenty-seven year old career woman who thinks she knows it all and has it all together. Having semi-escaped from a tumultuous and abusive relationship, Halo is only focused on her newfound future. Yet, what she seems to be forgetting is although her ex is seemingly out of the picture, being the powerful man he is, his presence is always lurking and he's always in control. Unfortunately, the beauty has gotten way too comfortable in her new life, going so far as to completely let her guard down upon meeting the intimidatingly sexy Ilias Hayes. He's tall, handsome, a true alpha, and makes Halo experience things she never even knew she was capable of feeling.

Ilias Hayes, born and raised in the hood of Los Angeles, got it out the mud the only way he knew how; pushing weight. When his profession of choice landed him behind bars, he swore to leave it all behind once he was able to freely roam God's green earth again. Not only did his outlook on ways to get bread change, but the one involving his personal life was altered as well. No longer interested in the player lifestyle he once lived, Ilias is ready to settle down with the right woman. That woman soon becomes Halo Stevenson right from the moment he laid eyes on her. What Ilias doesn't know is that the sweet and innocent Halo comes with plenty of heavy baggage; baggage so heavy that he could've never seen it coming.  

In this hood romance, there is lust, greed, betrayal, resentment, and jealousy on just about every page. Will Halo and Ilias be a match made in heaven, or will secrets, past lovers, and envious people keep this budding relationship from blossoming?


In the final installment, Halo and Ilias return but on opposite sides of the love ring. Realizing Halo is nothing but a manipulative liar, Ilias wants nothing to do with her. Instead he'd rather focus on much more important things, like the secret Semone has kept from him for years. However Halo isn't willing to give up that easily, especially when she begins to feel like Ilias's ex Semone is moving in on the man she's fallen for. But what will happen when Halo keeps hitting the walls that Ilias has put up, blocking her out of his life? Will she finally move on and give the one person who's been waiting to love her for a while a chance? And let's not forget, she still has some very unfinished business with the crazy, controlling, mercilles, and soon-to-be free Buck, who plans to teach Halo that her actions have some very unfavorable consequences.

The rest of the couples return as well, falling right in line with the drama. Many skeletons will come rolling out of the closet, and unfortunate tragedies will strike, but love will also flourish. In this quite twisted finale laced with betrayal, lies, murder, and mayhem, will the couples be able to bloom? Or will the bond they've worked so hard to build simply wither away and die?
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