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"Boss Chicks" 1-3 Signed Paperbacks

Signed copies of the series BOSS CHICKS.


Lyle DeLeone has always had the mentality of a hustler. Having grown up with a weak, drug addicted mother and an ignorant, misogynistic father, she had to learn early on to protect herself and handle her own. Unfortunately, her ways caused those around her to deem her unlovable. So, it was no surprise that when she met the handsome Rashawn, she quickly snatched him up, hoping to prove that she in fact could be loved by a man. Married life with Rashawn isn't bad, but it isn't good either, and Lyle has no issue with this until she's thrown into the path of the man to see, Glockman, who makes her feel all the things she should... and shouldn't.

Glockman is a charming, kingly, suave, alpha who like Lyle is a go-getter. Enduring a rather traumatizing upbringing, he was forced to get out and get that bread the only way he knew how. And although a gangsta tried and true, Glockman is no stranger to being burned by the opposite sex. However, that doesnt deter him in the slightest upon meeting the beautiful, sexy, but hardened and very married Lyle. And their attraction to one another causes issues in more ways than one, forcing them to constantly reevaluate their union.

In this love story laced with betrayal, plenty of lies, background lovers, and mayhem, find out if Glockman can crack the hard shell Lyle has wrapped herself in, or if her toughness, lies, and his own personal dramas will keep them apart.


The last time we saw lovers Glockman and Lyle, they were on opposite ends of the road. With Glockman finding out that the woman he's fallen for is responsible for the death of a close friend, he knows he has to do what's right and put her down. However, it is much easier said than done, making the man who once deemed himself gangsta, tried, and true, question his own character. Should he be loyal to the people he loves, and the ones that depend on him to be trustworthy? Or should he have the back of a woman he only just met, but has fallen hard for?

The other sisters and their men return, with the former having to face the repercussions of the secrets they've held and the reckless actions they've taken. Will these three boss chicks remain in boss mode, or will they fold and crumble under the pressure of love loss, betrayal, and murder?


After finding out that Glockman has betrayed her in the worst way, Lyle is furious and ready to handle him fatally. But unfortunately for her, Glockman feels he has worked too hard to obtain her and refuses to let them end. He and Lyle must work together to deal with a common enemy, and they also have to face the repercussions of their rekindling, especially once a traitor in their circle reveals their murderous secret. Will they be able to overcome the odds stacked against them? Or will the guilt of disloyalty, being immoral, and envious outsiders be the death of their relationship?

In the final installment, the other sisters return, with one fighting hard to prove she isn't that same selfish and conniving beast she once was, and the other simply trying to keep her head above water in hopes that prison won't be her new home. All three sisters will learn some hard lessons in love and find out who truly cares and who truly means them no good.
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