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"Applying Pressure: A Love Story" Signed Paperback

Signed copy of the book APPLYING PRESSURE: A LOVE STORY.

Link to the limited edition OCEAN PENDRELL PIN without book here .

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"He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the LORD." - Proverbs 18:22
Myomi Ford has been unlucky in love since she experienced her first crush. Although in a new relationship, she has an unsettling feeling that her current man Xion is just like the others. But without proof, she is left wondering, suspecting, and predicting, which has naturally caused a rift in her relationship. All the beauty has ever wished for was for someone to be about her and love her as deeply as she loved them. At the moment, however, that seems impossible to find.
Enter Ocean Pendrell, the handsome, talented, skyscraping quarterback for the Los Angeles Gremlins. He's forward, with a no-nonsense personality, and most of all, persistent. Growing up with an irritable and spurned grandfather who harbors a great hatred for women, Ocean has been taught to use women for what they've got then toss them out for a brand new one. Living by such a motto has been no issue at all until he runs across the beautiful Myomi, who is unimpressed with his celebrity, but, more importantly, a taken woman. Ocean quickly realizes that Myomi is the woman God has purposefully placed before him. From there, he sets out to advance what he believes is God's will, building a blissful and happy life with her, free of any haters, distractions, roadblocks, and... current significant others. Going to astonishing lengths to be sure he and Myomi end up together, Ocean grants Myomi's wish to find a love so deep and that is meant only for her.
In this love story filled with secrets, betrayal, and obsession, Myomi will learn the true meaning behind being careful of what you wish for. Will Ocean go too far, ruining what could've been a great love? Or will his plan to catch Myomi in his web of love tangle her so profoundly that she has no choice but to fall for his extraordinary charms?


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