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"Me & My Dope Boy" 1-3 Signed Paperbacks

Signed paperbacks of the series ME & MY DOPE BOY.


The King men are back, but it's the second generation. Now that the originals have retired, the empire has been passed down to Kendrick King Jr., Kaleeini, and Kendrin. Follow the new generation of King men as they try to balance an empire, significant others, and what's a good a story without a crazy jump off or two?

In this story, you will meet a new group of friends Gianna, Aysia, Willow, and Shannon, whose lives never have a dull moment from dating a King man. (This is a spin off of Good Girls Love Thugs, but it is a story in it's own.) 


The couples are back, and it seems that everyone has a bone to pick with them. One person in particular has been plotting on them for a long time now, hoping to get one of the Kings back for a heinous crime committed by their fathers. With enemies popping up on every corner, and jealous lovers refusing to be ignored, will any of them even be able to make it out alive? What do you do when people refuse to show you the respect you deserve, simply because they feel you can never live up to the legacy your father left behind?

Will the Kings be able to keep the original King brothers undefeated title alive? Or will the legacy their fathers worked so hard to create crash and burn? Who knows, but one thing is for sure, these offspring wont go down without a fight.


In the final installment, the second generation of King men set out to prove themselves once and for all. Coming to grips with the fact that their latest enemy is undefeated just like them, the boys prepare for the worst. For the first time, their enemies have no problem going for the jugular, or in other words, attacking the harmless loved ones of the Kings.

Will they come out on top like expected? Or will they become overwhelmed, causing the original King brothers to show up and show out?

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