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"Good Girls Love Thugs" 1-5 - Signed Paperbacks

Signed paperbacks of the series GOOD GIRLS LOVE THUGS, including the NIC & KENDRICK spin off.


Good Girls and Thugs is about four young best friends, whose lives change dramatically after getting caught up with the extremely sought after “King brothers” Kendrick, Kendreeis, Kendon, and their cousin Kayden.

The King brothers run the biggest drug operation in Baltimore, MD where money and women are the least of their worries. Follow innocent Nic, crazy Christy, sensitive Morgan, and feisty Jessica as they deal with thirsty jump offs, vengeful exes, infidelity, and even some shady family members, in hopes of proving good girls can too be with thugs.


The honeymoon stage for the four couples is over, and Nic is feeling extremely vulnerable due to her current situation. Much to her dismay, she has plenty reason to feel unsafe. The King brothers have enemies coming from every which a way, and they're not just after the brothers; but their women too. Can the brothers protect their operation, all the while keeping their ladies happy? Or will both worlds collide causing them to lose one.

Follow your four favorite ladies as they juggle enemies, a new jump off, insecurities, and fear. Will the ladies be able to stand the heat of the war, or will they crack under pressure.. proving that maybe good girls really aren't built for thugs.


Who shot Kendreeis? That's what everyone is trying to figure out. The brothers minds are racing with thoughts of who the potential assassin could be. That is until a mind blowing family secret is revealed, leaving them to have to adjust to an otherwise uncomfortable situation.

To make matters worse, their relationships are put to the ultimate test, when secret indulges, lies, infidelity, and neglect rears their ugly heads. Will they last, or will some of the brothers realize they're not dealing with good girls at all.


In the final installment of the Good Girls Love Thugs series, a new connect proves to be bad news for the brothers and their ladies. This is the first time business becomes unfortunately mixed with pleasure, and threatens the relationships of every single King brother.

Can the couples make it, despite everyone trying to tear them apart? Or will they be able to prove their loyalty to one another, and come out on top.


They say if you don't have trust, you don't have a marriage. In the fifth and final installment of Good Girls Love Thugs: Nic and Kendrick, the couple learns just how important trusting one another is. When an incident occurs, putting Kendrick in the middle of a scandal, Nic has to figure out whether she should trust her man or move on to greener pastures.

Kendrick loves his wife more than anything, but sometimes love just isn't enough; especially when there is another man who is willing to stick by Nic through thick and thin. Will Kendrick be able to convince Nic that despite his mistakes, she belongs with him, or will he have to accept that she's moved on to a man that she feels will treat her the way she deserves to be treated. Get on this emotional roller coaster ride, and find out if this good girl will forever love her thug, or simply leave him in the dust.

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