"My Baby Is a West Coast King 2" - UNSIGNED
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"My Baby Is a West Coast King 2" - UNSIGNED

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Paperback copy of MY BABY IS A WEST COAST KING part two ONLY. This novel is UNSIGNED.

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Laine was shocked to learn that not only had Mischief been unfaithful, but that he'd possibly fathered a child by the last person he should have ever been in bed with. Feeling like maybe she moved way too fast with him, Laine decides to free herself and have a little fun, hoping it will alleviate the heartbreak she'd just endured. What she must remember though, is that the sexy, brash, and downright crazy Mischief isn't too keen on being apart from her, and refuses take no for an answer.
Dealing with trying to get his woman back, his career, and the rumors of a baby surrounding him, Mischief begins to struggle with some childhood memories again, forcing out a deep revelation. Along with Mischief and Laine, the other couples are also compelled to face the secrets they've kept, heartbreaking news, and brewing temptations that are finally coming to a boil.

Will the secrets and lies tear this gang apart? Or will they find some way to persevere?

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