"Married to a Distinguished Thug" - UNSIGNED
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"Married to a Distinguished Thug" - UNSIGNED

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Paperback copy of MARRIED TO A DISTINGUISHED THUG; part one ONLY. This novel is UNSIGNED.

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Namiko and her sisters, Kiyuki, and Aniku become desperate to make some quick cash, when an unexpected tragedy causes them to fall on hard times. Luckily, Namiko and Kiyuki get recruited to work for one of Detroit's finest, Maximilian Davis. Although only in it for the money at first, Namiko finds herself slowly becoming involved with the boss. She and Max come from two different worlds, but are trying to see eye to eye on the subject of love; much to the dismay of many people in the city. Even the people closest to Namiko and Max, feel themselves becoming filled with jealousy, and losing sight of the initial goal. Namiko soon becomes overwhelmed by all the backlash, danger, secrets, and side chicks, that seem to be a package deal when it comes to Maximilian.

Will Namiko be able to stick it out with her man? Or will their love end up being only a sweet memory? To many women that are on the outside looking in, being married to a thug of Max's caliber, equals expensive bags, shoes, and vacations. Follow Namiko Allen, and find out what it really mean's to be married to a distinguished thug.

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