"I Got Your Back: Teflon & Tatiana's Love Story" - UNSIGNED
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"I Got Your Back: Teflon & Tatiana's Love Story" - UNSIGNED

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Paperback copy of I GOT YOUR BACK: TEFLON & TATIANA'S LOVE STORY part one ONLY. This book is unsigned.

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Tatiana Drew is living the life that most women dream of; the life of a kingpin’s girl. Most women see the expensive clothes, cars, jewelry, and houses, but never the dark side of it all. Brevin Williamson, or the King of Cleveland as he likes to be called is handsome, rich, crazy, and feels he can do whatever he wants, when he wants no matter who it hurts. Tatiana, being pregnant, feels trapped in a life with Brevin that she so badly wishes she could be out of. She wants so much more out of life, and feels it’s nearly impossible… until she meets Teflon

Teflon isn’t as rich as Brevin, nor does he hold the imaginary keys to the city of Cleveland like him, but when Tatiana meets him, she becomes immediately smitten with the beyond good looking and very charming man. Teflon’s relationship track record isn’t as dirty as Brevin’s but it’s definitely not squeaky clean. However Tatiana makes him rethink everything about the way he’s been living his romantic life. Will Tatiana go for what she wants, despite the danger it may bring to her? Or will she turn her back on real love, letting the life she currently lives kill her slowly from within.

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