Happy Gangsta's Day - UNSIGNED
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Happy Gangsta's Day - UNSIGNED

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UNSIGNED copy of Novella "Happy Gangsta's Day", a father's day anthology containing some of your favorite leading men from my past novels.


In Happy Gangsta's Day catch up with six of your favorites and spend Father's Day with them and their families. Gangsta's day though, is like Father's Day with a touch of hood & Hennessy. There will be some drama, laughter, sadness, and of course a little lust like always when dealing with these guys. Find out just what Gangsta's Day means and brings in this novella.

Characters are from "Nobody Can Love You Like Them Roughnecks Do", "Our Love is the Realest", "She Got It Bad For a Heartless Gangsta", "Hood Boyz Fall In Love Too", "My Baby Is a West Coast King", & "She Gave Her All to the Hood's Finest".

The six men in this novella are from previously released series. It is recommended but not required that you read those prior as some of the chapters contain spoilers. 

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