"Forbidden Love With a Thug 2" -UNSIGNED

"Forbidden Love With a Thug 2" -UNSIGNED

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Paperback copy of FORBIDDEN LOVE WITH A THUG 2; part two ONLY. This novel is UNSIGNED.

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With her parents dead, Jersey is forced to deal with the aftermath of it all. Not only is her father's mistress causing her problems, but an ex of Kill's can't seem to accept the fact that he has moved on to someone else. Will Jersey and Kill be able to press on, and bask in the ambience of their new lives? Or will outside forces ruin a good thing before it's even started?
Cheyla has gotten clean, and is enjoying every aspect of her new life; well almost every aspect. When she enlists the help of someone she thought was her friend, she threatens her relationship with Kantwan, and puts herself in danger at the same time. Will Cheyla force Kantwan to throw in the towel because of her constant attraction to drama?
Ivy has decided to leave her unfaithful baby daddy, Portland, behind for a much better Elijah. But what happens when you don't know the boundaries needing to be set for your child's father? Portland is unconvinced that Ivy has moved on, and refuses to give up on the one-sided happy home they used to share. Has Ivy truly left Portland behind? Or was she simply in the moment while with, Elijah?

Follow the three best friends as they continue to deal with the hardships of being in a once forbidden love. These days, no one seems to be honest about who they really are, and with new couples that no one knew existed springing up, this is sure to be one big roller coaster ride.

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