"Good Girls Love Thugs 2" - UNSIGNED
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"Good Girls Love Thugs 2" - UNSIGNED

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Paperback copy of GOOD GIRLS LOVE THUGS 2; part two ONLY. This novel is UNSIGNED.

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The honeymoon stage for the four couples is over, and Nic is feeling extremely vulnerable due to her current situation. Much to her dismay, she has plenty reason to feel unsafe. The King brothers have enemies coming from every which a way, and they're not just after the brothers; but their women too. Can the brothers protect their operation, all the while keeping their ladies happy? Or will both worlds collide causing them to lose one.

Follow your four favorite ladies as they juggle enemies, a new jump off, insecurities, and fear. Will the ladies be able to stand the heat of the war, or will they crack under pressure.. proving that maybe good girls really aren't built for thugs.

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