"Forbidden Love With a Thug 3" - UNSIGNED

"Forbidden Love With a Thug 3" - UNSIGNED

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Paperback copy of FORBIDDEN LOVE WITH A THUG 3; part three ONLY. This novel is UNSIGNED.

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Sophie dropped a bomb like no other on Kill, and now he is forced to deal with it. Not only must he reveal the truth to his fiancee Jersey, but he also must deal with an enemy that she loves dearly. Will Kill be able to hold onto the woman he loves, even though it seems the universe is attempting to tear them apart? Or will their forbidden love finally come to a very sad and complicated end?

Cheyla is finally happy, and excited about her baby, but it seems that the beautiful young girl can never have it all. Now that she has gotten herself together, Kantwan begins to develop an inferiority complex, making him angry, rude, and just different from the guy she fell in love with. Will Kantwan go back to the person Cheyla fell so hard for? Or will his new personality make him do things that are completely unforgivable?

Now that Ivy has chosen to be with Elijah, and set the right boundaries between her and her child's father, everything seems to be running smoothly. However, her baby's father Portland is not willing to let everything go so easily. He and his team are ready to take out the whole Camren clan in any way possible. It all comes down to him versus Elijah, and in the end, Ivy must choose who is more important to her.

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