"Falling for a Hood King 2" - UNSIGNED
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"Falling for a Hood King 2" - UNSIGNED

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Paperback copy of "FALLING FOR A HOOD KING" part two ONLY. This novel is UNSIGNED.

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When Julius realizes Natalia missed her flight, he's overwhelmed with constant thoughts of the unthinkable. Always one who lived by the motto "money over bitches", Julius isn't used to caring about a woman as much as he cares for Natalia. Willing to do anything to find her, Julius is knocking down any and everyone in his way. But little does he know, the people he and Natalia least expected, are involved in her disappearance.

 In the past, Julius was the only obstacle in their relationship, but now that he's trying to turn over a new leaf, it seems that everyone and everything else is attempting to interfere. Is the love Julius and Natalia have for one another strong enough to fight off the turmoil threatening their relationship? Or will their union continue to be one-sided, ultimately crumbling in the end?

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