"Hood Boyz Fall In Love Too 3" - UNSIGNED
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"Hood Boyz Fall In Love Too 3" - UNSIGNED

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Unsigned copy of novel HOOD BOYZ FALL IN LOVE TOO 3, part THREE ONLY

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Long Live The Capo.

In the final installment, outsiders will give it one last whirl to attempt to break up the unbreakable Owen and Conquer. From fake pregnancies to jealous family members, no stone will be left unturned when trying to rip this couple a part. Not to mention, the young, handsome, intelligent, and extremely envied capo, has daggers being his shot his way constantly, prompting Owen to become leery of what she's signed up for. Will the couple make it in love and out of all the drama alive? Or will people finally yank them a part by any means necessary, giving seemingly the world what it ultimately wants?

Take this last ride with Owen and Conquer, two people with a bond and love so strong, that some covet it, some loathe it, and others can't comprehend it. 

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